Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mushroom-splosion! Help me ID

These are just stunning! Mushrooms suddenly pop their beauty out from the wet forest floor, pressing up through rotten leaves, and never last very long... that kind of whimsical and short life span is exactly why so many people become fascinated by them. At least, that is part of what draws me in. Curly, smooth, colorful, half melted, looking like seashells, looking like biggie sized burger buns ----- can anyone tell me which kind of mushrooms these are? I would love to add in the labels if someone is able to help me ID them!



Lou Cheese said...

That's an amazing variety. Maybe a local university would pay you to document them or collect certain strains for them to study.

Joan said...

Wonderful post. I told you were a breath of fresh air..then I read yesterday's post. Yuk. But today's is a breath of fresh..woodland air?

Sissi Soko said...

beautifful the forests, arnt they?

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Lou Cheese-
There were so many more then this, I can only imagine how wonderful it will be right before fall, when the rains come again. That is a really good idea, I really wish sometimes that some nature professionals would use my photos to educate people about all the neato stuff in our eco system.

Joan - haha. Woodland air here is really fresh. The best I have ever smelled.

Sissi Soko-
Totally agree. :)