Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BIG Brown Spider (hairy face, white spots, striped legs & large abdomen)

Above my front door is a spider couple, who invites their spider friends for awesome parties... they jam out to my satellite radio music while eating moths & flies who are attracted to my porch light at night.
These spiders are actually shades of brown and not the silver gray color in these two close up pics below - the color looks different then reality because the flash on the camera washed out the browns, so when trying to ID this spider go by the markings and not the color.
There are two spiders (the ones pictured here) living together in the same crack above the door, and the interesting thing is they let other spiders live right near them too - although I imagine sometimes things can get out of hand and the big ones might eat their smaller friends. It happens to us all, at least metaphorically.
This pic below is more the true color brown...
Check out those GOLDEN Nugget Eyeballs!



Kittie Howard said...

Cool! But I'm not sure Love Thy Neighbor applies as spiders do eat other spiders, yipes!

Gratuitous said...

Hard to tell without more visual details, but if you didn't see a web and its two front legs were extended forward like a crab, then it's probably a Banded Huntsman, as they like to hunt and forage. Bonus: they love to eat yummy cockroaches.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

ha Kittie- some fellow neighbors were empty shells, some still living.

Gratu -
It did have legs out front and it didn't have a traditional web, although there was some web like junk stuck in the cracks - it wasnt easy to tell if it was theirs or if it was the few other spiders living next door that made it.
I like that name.... !

Gratuitous said...

O. M. G. You got me thinking about names, and after all this time I finally got your "Leslie's Gone Oko" rhyme with "loco." Better late than never?

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Gratu! Ha.
Maybe you are the first to get it.
Oko is pronounced "OH-KOH" which sounds like LOCO. :)

Stephanie Rogers said...

We have two of these here as well! They're barn spiders aka the "charlotte's web" spider. I just tried to get a photo of one of mine but I have a crap point-and-shoot camera - gotta get a digital SLR!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Stephanie!
I have a cannon EOS REBEL, but sometimes it's really picky about taking pictures of tiny things, especially when they blend it. I find that I am always wishing for a MEGA macro zoom lens, just for bugs :)))
GUess I'll put that on my list to Santa Claus. lol

I would love it if they would write somthing like "swell donkey" !

nlmobley said...

I also have one one of these spiders that is living right outside my front door and hides behind the old wasps' nest during the day and only comes out at night...I would really love to know the real name of this spider.