Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mossin' My Stone Path

There is an awesome natural stone path at my cabin that a friend of mine built leading from my outside shower to the front door - we used only stones that were already here (ones that had been dug up to put the gravity fed water line 6 feet in the ground!) A few days ago my roof was scraped of all it's leaves, moss, sticks, and wet content ... the moss sitting now on the ground in big ole' piles. I thought, it would be cool to shove it in the cracks of my stone path....
I gathered moss in a basket and brought it over to the path, placing bit by bit in the most open cracks- trying to keep it looking like it had grown there. The moss in this region grows on moist rocks and uses only tiny bits of decaying matter to live off of so I am hoping it will continue it's lifecycle on these stones.
COOL TIP: I was told that if you want moss to grow on your stones you can mix it with milk or beer and chop it up, then put it in the cracks to grow. (If anyone has done this, let me know if it works!)
I think I like it! And so does my kitty Toots, she said "Darlin', it looks like it's been around foreva', sooooo authentic." ........... :)))


Everett said...

Please, please, let us all know how this works out in the end. Maybe if it's still there, or even growing more, by next summer you'll know it has been a transplant success.

We're thinking about doing something similar but aren't sure if it will work. Thanks!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Everett!
I will let you know... seems like some of the moss should take. With all the rain we are having here it might have been perfect timing cause it certainly is not drying out.
Another thing with stone is buying a non invasive creeper plant, or a cool creeping herb! I would love to have creeping thyme in the cracks.