Friday, December 5, 2008

My Healthy Holiday Wish List

It's still so much fun to make that holiday list of gifts I wish I could get... of course over the years my tastes have changed and I no longer use the JC Penny catalogue as my point of reference. :) I have gotten totally eco, organic & health oriented with my longings - not to mention most of my holiday wishes are for things I really do need rather then just a treat. (Except for the organic lingerie...but honestly I need some new undies too!)

1. Diamond Organics Macrobiotic Sampler Box! Mmmmmm... Here's what is says: "A friendly introduction to macro specialties like burdock root, daikon radish, fresh ginger, garlic, winter squash, fuji apples, assorted pears, and more. We top this off with fresh-cut cooking greens such as collards, kale, baby bok choy, and dandelion, plus shiitake mushrooms and parsley." You can buy sampler boxes, pre made meals, tofu, and other organic groceries HERE.

2. Home Health Test's Mineral Check! With the economy in a bad slump I can't afford to check my health the way I really need to, and these home health tests are actually less expensive then a doctor appointment, they use real lab tests, and the mineral check is very important for making sure I don't have deficiencies related to Celiac Sprue.
Here's how it works: "MineralCheck is a safe, easy-to-use, and reliable screen that uses a small self-collected hair sample (requires a snip of hair) to measure your mineral and toxin levels. This non-invasive and inexpensive screen provides you with the accuracy of a laboratory analysis without leaving the comfort of your own home. The test specimen is mailed to a laboratory and within 7-10 working days of receiving your sample, a lab analysis with your results is sent directly to you. There is no extra charge or fee for the lab report." They have bunches of tests including diabetes, allergies, STD's, and hormonal balance - go HERE to check it out.

3. Organic Sherpa Bunny Set By Clare Bare! It could be cause it's amazingly creative, it could be cause it's awesomely sexy, and it could be cause it is SO cold out and it looks so warm and fuzzy... or maybe cause the model has a tiny boobies just like me!?! But I want this organic lingerie cause it's the coolest shit I have ever seen & I love Clare Bare. Here's what it says: "This set is from Clare Bare's limited edition holiday collection. The fabric is super warm and fuzzy stretch organic cotton sherpa, lined with organic cotton on the inside. The top is a princess seam bralette with silver eyelet lace up detail in the front. It is elasticated for a snug fit. There are dusty rose velvet bows with amazing abalone shell buttons that have anchors engraved on them. The corset (tummy warmer) is probably the most comfortable one you will ever wear- my model can attest to that! It laces up the front with organic cotton cording, has velvet and abalone shell button details, and silver suspender snaps to clip on to your thigh highs..." HERE is where you can buy it!

4. Real Goods All Purpose Survival Tool! I am completely enthralled with living as sustainably as possible- I have read tons of books, taught myself how to organic garden, dry herbs, compost, companion plant... I study how to make my own shoes, skin a rabbit, make a gravity fed spring well for a house, build a live roof... I can chop wood with an ax, build a fire, dry fruit in the sun, dye fabric with plum skins, make paint from poke berries & create just about anything out of nothing (cause it's in my Cajun DNA!) So, no further explaining needed why I am IN LOVE with this tool for only $20!!!
Here is all it can do: "Finally, an all-in-one camping tool. This heavy-duty steel tool is 8 tools in 1. It has a shovel, hammer, saw, hatchet, bottle opener, nail puller, and a wrench. Unscrew the built-in calibrated compass to find an emergency survival kit in a waterproof bag. Included are matches, fishhooks and line, nails and more. The one tool you'll need for camping, backpacking, gardening, or in your car for those unforeseen emergencies. Comes with a snap-on carrying case." Buy this awesome tool HERE!

5. REI Seattle Solar Camp Shower! Continuing with my survivalist & low impact theme from above, I have been drooling over these solar showers for nearly a year now... Here is what it says about them: "Enjoy a warm shower in the wilderness with this lightweight and packable five-gallon solar-heated shower bag...
*PVC-free black PEVA water reservoir is heavy duty yet lightweight for easy packing
*Black color absorbs heat to warm water in approximately three hours
*Five-gallon capacity equals 8 minutes of nonstop shower time; bag measures 26 x 18 inches
*Push-pull valve on hose is easy to use, allowing you to turn water off quickly
*Sturdy plastic handle offers convenient toting and durability; hanging strap is adjustable"

BUY IT for only $24.95 HERE!

NOW for my really BIG wishes:::

6. A HOUSE! That's right... my very own little eco hut in Marshall, NC that isn't moldy, isn't out gassing, no more landlady next door, and I can grow my own organic gardens, plant my herbs, have some chickens and attract wild animals. A house with good windows, passive solar potential, clean water, lots of land, trees, not right on the road, a creek, and a place to build a small fish pond. It doesn't need to be more the 600 Sq Ft... it can even have an outhouse!

7. MONEY! oh yeah, with businesses running into the ground, people losing their jobs, and nobody is shopping, the whole economic structure has collasped and has to be rebuilt new... in the meantime, where's the money for the bills gonna come from? Hmmm.

What is on your wish list? Share some of your eco awesome finds this season!


Big nick said...

Pretty much the organic bunny set would do it for me too. Not sure if they make it in my size though?

Susie Collins said...

Oooooo, I have wishes!

I wish for a brand new Mac that's 100% nontoxic. Supposedly Apple is taking out a lot of the toxic chems in their electronics starting this month-- I want! Also, please, a 24 inch monitor and software to goof around with vids, photos and music.

I wish for 10 new pairs of nontoxic, low rise, boot cut jeans that I don't have to wash 50 times before wearing.

I wish for some waterproof garden boots with high cuffs that don't have to outgass for three months.

I wish the developer that wants to build a veneer mill and power plant in my community would go away and build his project in the forest somewhere away from people's homes (does that count?).

PS " a rabbit..."-- really?! Oooooo, then I want one more wish: dat teh wabbit wuns away!

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


The Oko Box said...

Not sure I want to see you in that when you come over! But whatever floats ya boat... lol

Susie -
That is a good list, and I am with you on the non toxic jeans thing! They are very hard to find. Loomstate brand seems to be the most pure and you can get them for a BIG discount (and bootcut) from I tried an organic Pair from Good Society once and it smells like mothballs and never seems to wash or air out.
BTW- I would never kill a rabbit unless I was in a survival emergancy situation (like having no money to buy food)- my great grandmother was hardcore cajun and they used to skin rabbits for dinner often- also ate turtles, crawfish and frogs too - those were the main staples of the diet.

Hey Susan! -
Glad you are enjoying, leave comments anytime you want :)

Anonymous said...

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