Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ecoland Organic Undergarments on Sale

Organic undies are not always affordable and finding a good sturdy organic bra is not easy! Ecoland makes dye free organic basics that everyone loves because they are well priced and long lasting... and now they are ON SALE! The ultra comfy Ecoland Organic Underwire Bra is only $25 ($10 OFF), the matching organic tank is now only $12.50, and you can buy the hipsters two pack for a cheap $18 (that means only $9 for a pair of 100% organic panties!)
Check it out at The Oko Box!


linda said...

was this the brand you thought would be safe for me?

Susie Collins said...

Is there a bra without underwire?

The Oko Box said...

Hey Linda!
This isn't the brand, The Organic Cotton Company is the brand that is most pure and I don't detect any checm funk smells. I don't think ecoland undies would work for you because i can smell the elastic in them some -
the bra and undershirt however don't smell.

Susie -
Ecoland does have a bra just like this without underwire but I don't carry it at this time. When the economy picks up again and people are buying things I plan on carrying the no wire bra and a bunch of men's items too!

linda said...

You mean the folks with the "Clean Undies" lable?

They are actually based a few blocks away from me!

Last year I did find them, but their warehouse had had some kind of a diesel spill, and it took forever to wash that out of the 2 pairs I bought.

Nothing fell onto their product, it just picked up the molecules from being in the same space.

Maybe they have new shipments in by now. Too bad they don't have long sleeve t's and leggings for winter warmth.

The Oko Box said...

Linda -
yeah, it is the Clean Undies! I have had my inventory for over a year now safe in my chemical free house - do you know when the spill was? I have two types of women's undies and an undershirt that is dye free.
I can give you a coupon to use too, if you find something you think could work.

linda said...

I got the 1st ones in January 2007 and finally swapped them out in April after not being able to wash out the petro-molecules. So I guess the spill was in late 06, (or maybe they had diesel equipment running - I got too sick to ask them what it turned out to be) but they had the same stock into 07 sometime. Not all of it was affected, and some of their staff hadn't noticed it. The pairs I traded for had incense residues from their offices...

Still, they detoxed after a lot of washing, and others haven't.

I am thinking that it wouldn't make sense to order from you if I can walk to their head office (well, I could if there weren't so many dryer vents around) and get some more from them without adding a big carbon footprint.

If you have something safe that I can't get locally, then by all means give me a discount and I'm on it (or in it)...

: )

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