Sunday, December 28, 2008

DIY: Sewing An Organic Corset Dress

Yay! Here is another organic cotton sewing video on how to put together a corset dress.
This 'corset dress' is made with 100% organic cotton fabric with low impact dyes sourced locally from Spiritex for under $5! It's made from end of the mill scraps - and I can say this project is not as easy as my other tutorials but is well worth the time spent crafting it. The biggest challenges for me were that the base fabric was not stretchy which doesn't leave room for sizing mistakes, creating the corset look takes a little more time and patience to piece together and lace up, and attempting to make blah fabric look sassy takes some planning. I made this project to see if i could possibly take very boring tan checkered pattern fabric and turn it into something sexy and fun - the style is inspired by the many drawings of woman's clothing I did in the 80's as a child.

PS- You will want to add a zipper, side ties or some other open/close device on the sides if you don't use stretch fabric.

Let me know what you think...