Saturday, December 27, 2008

DIY: Organic Cotton Jumper

Here is an easy DIY organic cotton jumper tutorial I posted on You Tube! It's a quick project that only requires cutting out two panels and sewing them together - I drew the pattern on scrap paper first then used that to cut the two shapes out of the fabric. The main measurements you'll need is your hip, waist and the length of your shoulder to waist (torso). This jumper is made in 100% organic cotton, low impact dye and was scrap fabric sold for $3 by Spiritex (a local organic cotton weaver). I was inspired to make this style by the re-surge of 80's gear, the Ting Ting's video, and my friend Bort who wears overalls.
Throw this jumper on over your favorite shirt and make a sassy organic outfit in a instant!