Saturday, December 13, 2008

DIY: Turn Boring Organic Panties Into Cuties!

I love panties... a long long time ago before I knew about slave made fashion I would buy new panties rather then drag my giant dirty clothes bag to the skanky crowded laundry mat in NYC. One of my favorite pairs was a "days of the week" pantie called "foxy friday" with a little red fox running across. Those days (and panties) are long gone - but my love for a foxy pair of skivvies is not. Here is a simple way to spice up a boring pair of organic undies... All you need is a pair of undies, scrap fabric, needle, thread, scissors, paper, pen and a silhouette of the applique you want.
Once you cut out the shape you want to add to your panties you can trace it onto the fabric and cut out your applique.
You can sew more then one design on too, and make a whole scene... :) - I stuck with just the fox sneaking along the seam line.
Hand sew the fabric shape onto the panties with thread and needle (unless you are so super skilled at running something that small under your sewing machine needle.)
Now that is cute and crafty! Yay! xoxo