Sunday, April 3, 2011

Warm Sunny Days Make....

Being Warm & Sunny Makes So Much POssible! *
1. eating watermelon in the sun 2. getting vitamin D & nice tan 3. planting seeds to grow an awesome organic garden 4. watching the animals lay down in sunny spots & run free, yay! 5. don't need no socks and shoes.... 6. for that matter, underwear becomes optional too! 7. hanging clothes to dry on the line, they come out smelling sooooo good 8. Theoretically could be sprayed with a hose for fun 9. Can open windows for fresh air 10. everything is just easier!!!!!!!!

* xoxoxoox


William Blake said...

A long and cold winter
makes some things seem dearer
some thoughts become nearer
and others grow clearer
until spring where you're finding
Your light is still shining

Anonymous said...

Agreed x 10

You are totally living. I feel like I'm just surviving (suburbs), but you are totally living.