Friday, April 8, 2011

Building A Frog Habitat in the Pond

One of the reasons I was not sure if i wanted ducks is because I knew they would eat up my tadpoles, reducing the amount of native frogs I have in my pond. Before the ducks ever arrived I had started to build a frog safe place along the edges of the pond - by taking small dead hemlock trees and piling them up. Still though, i have way less frogs then normal because much of what i built was moved, decayed, or gawd knows what during the winter freezes..... and the ducks came in to massacre what was out in the open. I was excited to still see in some of the hemlock habitats i built, tadpoles and a group of frogs all in one space. So i took that spot, and made what was a froggie shack, into a frog multi-plex mansion!
I layered and extended the branches further out into the water, while also extended further out onto the land connected... putting more small branches on top of larger ones. Like building a debris shelter, a skeleton of a home.
The smaller tiny branches, block the ducks from getting under there.... and so they avoid that spot, and ravage the rest of the pond. Now to fix the pond leak.... omgawd!


Kittie Howard said...

I can only imagine all the hard work. But the froggies are going to love you. Hey, you gotta name their digs!

Jodie said...

Hey, just wanted to say that your blog is the most amazing & inspiring thing I have ever read. I've spent hours reading through your posts & I've learned so much. Thanks so much for sharing all your awesome stories, I hope my life can be half as interesting & natural as yours one day.