Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My One Match Fire!

This morning I woke up to snow! wtf, right? Yesterday I was sweating my tits off in my crochet bikini, gardening, getting a tan...I went to bed to the sounds of a spring time thunder storm, it was so warm I let my fire go out. While sleeping, in came some freezing cold winds & snow, so a fire was needed as soon as I woke up.
I can finally do this with only ONE match!

1. I put paper at the bottom (sometimes with a toilet roll), down the middle, front to back
2. I layer tiny tree branches, by size up to larger branches on top
3. I put wood slivers on top the branches
4. I add small logs at the top of the pile...
5. and light the match to the paper at the bottom
6. then BLOW and blow and blow some more, till ya have a big flame!

Watch the process here::::


1 comment:

Joe said...

Use dried pine needles cause TP is so valuable. All Europeans use pines needles to burn off the pig hair after the fall kill, before cut and salting for those without fridges. great natural source of starter fire material. Besides TP has chemicals. PS. properties like yours are getting more and more valuable. Gold and silver hit new highs today. Stay there and keep safe. Walmart CEO says great pain in food prices coming very soon. Google it. pulled apart tampon also better than TP- Bush trick with good burn.