Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Sprung, Life At The Luck Cabin


Spring stuff coming up.
(the music and background noise mixed together in a way i didn't intend... and got a little creepy.)



jason said...

Wow, awesome video. You have a pretty early spring there. Can't believe diversity already

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

thanks Jason :))))

i can't believe it either... it still can snow here- but people further down the mountain are lightyears ahead of what i have actually. It was a harsh winter, and early spring!

Daniel Wexler said...

That first flower thing is really pretty, do you know what it is?

and some yummy looking stuff. Can you eat them fiddleheads?

kirk said...

That first flower looks like red trillium-(Trillium erectum L.)The trillium up here turns pinkish as it gets older but yours is actually a red species.

Anonymous said...

erectum HA!

nike shox said...

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