Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lady Grey (the chicken)'s Secret Stash

There is one chicken here who has been a loner from day one. At first I thought she was picked (pecked?) on because she was beautiful and different from the rest, then i realized she was bitchy & her attitude towards other chickens sucked. (Which comes first the chicken or the egg?... being picked on and turning mean, or being mean and then getting picked on!) OI! I call her Lady Grey, she wanders around alone mostly, she is the only chicken who has figured out how to climb out of the fenced in area, she comes to my house every single day and tries to sneak in the window or door if it is open a crack. She steals my cat Toot's food, Toots let's her cause Toots is a total pussy when it comes to giant birds. At night Lady grey goes back to the barn, where the chicken coop is but I never see her go in the coop with the others. She always preferred JuJu the donkey to her own kind. I have been wondering if she lays eggs, because of course she will not get in the coop or nesting box with the others. It wasn't until this morning when I was prepping to have new bales of hay delivered that i found her secret nest, where she has been laying some pretty light brown eggs!
!!!! I love her style, i love how she wants a private chicken life, i love how she is sneaky, and i looooove that she was keeping a secret nest full of eggs!


Wild Canary said...

I love Mrs. Grey! Thanks for sharing, Leslie!

Nova Scotian said...

Awesome! The lone wolf in a chicken kingdom.

Colorful Canary said...

Cute...What's up with her eye color? Is it solid black like that or was that just a funny camera angle?

Anonymous said...

seems like the perfect personality of a chicken that can be made a pet, till then she'll just have to lord it over the other animals.