Sunday, December 12, 2010

Screwed Blued and Tattoo'ed (or just snowed in again)

Terrible no good very bad SNOW STORM PREP ::::
  • drove truck to state road that gets plowed and hiked back up a mile to the cabin
  • filled the tub with water (pot by pot cause the water pipes under my cabin froze a week ago)
  • fill pots and jars with water
  • cook food ahead of time
  • clean house, change cat litter, feed animals
  • cleaned out composting toilet (frozen urine would be just TOO frOckin' much for me at this point!!!!)
  • carried in STACKS of logs into the cabin and onto the porch
  • hand washed comfort clothes and hung to dry above wood stove
  • move all my bedding into my loft, where it's warm & I will be sleeping when it get down to -20 degrees
  • charge up my crank lantern
  • fall down in snow a bunch and not cry
And this is not even the beginning of what is to come...
the last storm never bothered to melt, my pipes under the house never defrosted (even though my gravity fed spring is still running just fine. It was supposed to rain today but instead of nice melty rain it snowed a few more inches. And well the icing on that snow cake is coming tonight and tomorrow thru the night.... feet of snow icing I am guessing.
What can i say? I dont like this part.... whatever this is a part of. But the feeling of accomplishing so much in one day to prepare for the worst feels damn good.
I need a girl scout uniform... but one that is long sleeve and made of alpaca wool, comes with matching wool gloves, hat, scarf, coat and leggings. With logo snow boots. Thanks Universe!
BTW- I hope i don't lose power, internet or phone... but I dont know what is coming, and after last year I except the worst. Will miss ya'll if I do go M.I.A!!!! SMOOCHes!


Liberty said...

awesome preparation!
I just went through a crazy storm here and our post makes me realise just how grateful I should be to be in a heated house in a city (I normally hate being in a city).
of course if the powers goes, I have no way to heat or cook and no safe water source so I guess those are weird 'bonuses' to being in a cabin.
I wish your pipes hadn't frozen!
I had been about to mention that you can melt snow to flush your toilet with gravity... and then realised that's not a worry with your composting toilet. very good thought on emptying pee so as not to have it freeze!

It may sound really gross but you can pee in metal buckets or something that won't crack if it freezes and cover it and it will actually add a bit of warmth to your house. maybe to a room you are not in much like the bathroom.

is your woodstove powerful enough to heat your cabin?
I guess I'm wondering if you are actually at risk if the power goes out for a long time.

thinking of you and hoping you stay as warm as possible

take care

Liberty said...

p.s. totally an awesome idea to cook a bunch ahead of time. much easier than cooking on any woodstove I've ever used :)

Jenn said...

we came out there today to see the house....i cant believe its only the beginning of december. it looked like some huge ass blizzard that comes through in the middle of january! I just want to tell you that you are rocking it!!! i know you hate this shit, but you are accomplishing something that if it was 90% of the rest of the country they would just die instead. i really wish we were out there to help you cause i feel as a friend its my responsibility to make sure my friends are safe. and safety is always better in numbers. as your friend here is the rule of thumb, if i dont hear from you for more than a 24-48 hr period (in these conditions), we are doing a rescue mission...especially if Bort isnt with you. stay safe my friend xoxoxox

kirk said...

I can sympathize--we had record precipitation for november--snow and rain. now it's 45 outside and melting. How much snow do you typically get where you live? Last winter i grew mesclun in my cold boxes outside well into december--this year we had early cold and snow so no fresh greens till I build a greenhouse.