Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Run Leslie Run (What I do When Car Sick)

I have gotten brave in the last 8 months... or maybe just more healthy. Sometimes it's hard to say what makes what happen in a universe full of so much circumstance - but I tried driving my Jimmy truck to downtown Hot Springs (remember when i could not drive at all for a gazzillion years?). It's a town I have never been to before because the roads to get there make about as much sense as a plate of spaghetti, regurgitated. And trust me, there are many stops on the side of the road to do just that.
I thought I was doing well, in spite of the many fast driving rednecks daring head on collisions on blind curves... but eventually the road waves got to me (BaD nausea), and I had to get out the car, give up my original plan and just... run around.
  • You pull over and see the beautiful details of life you would never see blazing by in the car
  • Time to play
  • There are no other benefits i can think of cause actually car sickness sucks
I saw things I really love... giant icicles, awesome mountain views....
BIG rocks!
.... GRAffiti!
and the most brilliant sunset I have seen in a long time. All these things made it worth it. Of course I drove about 5 mph all the way home and never did make it to the town of Hot Springs. ;)

(for those who dare to wanna puke, I have a 6 minute video forthcoming tonight, of the roads I traveled...)



Liberty said...

wow... interesting spam comment!

darn it really sucks that you had that experience Leslie!
the mountain view and sunset were amazing though.

thinkin of ya... though I probably won't brave the video LOL!

Wild Canary said...

The plus side of your car sick drive is such a pleasure. I love the winding roads and have driven them without MCS; usually with a white knuckled passenger and me trying to get the butterflies in my stomach to fly in formation. You are courageous and I am thankful to enjoy your blogs! Thanks, Leslie!

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me that people drive so friggin fast on scenic roads....To me, they are the roads I would enjoy driving the most slowly on, to enjoy all the pretty things i am passing by.

But, instead car commercials have co-opted them as the 'open roads' that satisfy some innate 'need for speed' we are all supposed to possess when we get into our 2-ton modern dinosaurs. hahaha - so damn ironic! and so many driver idiots are all to happy to oblige.

just goes to show, that there is so much to enjoy when you literally slow down.

Kittie Howard said...

Your sunset photo is amazing, Leslie. It needs to be entered in a contest!

Sorry you got carsick. No fun! But you made the most of the situation! You're a strong gal!

TebbeK said...

You poor thing, if it makes you feel any better the town of Hot Springs ain't so much!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

HA, yes liberty the spam is getting really creative, almost like robot poetry ----
but i shal delete!
I think I will do better next time, i will make a stop or two on the way and make sure i have lots of food in my belly, maybe a nice bottle of rice milk. I do better when i have lots of rest and food.
I havent put up the video yet, don't know if i should torture the masses.

Wild Canary!
Winding roads are beautiful but barf-a-licious. lol

esme - I know these people were taking the curves fast & furious, which black ice on the ground and other cars on the road... they would actually pass each other up On the curve, and be in the middle of the lane. I have to wonder, what is so awesome, that a person would drive like that to get to it?

Thanks Kittie!!! xo

I hear it's so great, but then every town has something to see... so really??? Not a big deal. I was trying to go there to get to a post office to mail my mom a package, i think otherwise I oculd care less.