Friday, December 3, 2010

Eco DIY: Crochet Scarf with Banana Silk Yarn

Ten days and counting till the Craft Fair my mom got me a table at!!! And so I am busting my imagination for a variety of eco friendly & useful diddies. Since the new natural fiber yarns I got are sooooooooo amazing to touch and to look at I hardly need to get crazy with it... i decided some simple crochet scarves that would show off the beauty of the yarn fiber would be fun to make!
Making a long scarf can take quite a few hours for me, but long skinny scarves are still in style (it looks way cute plus you get extra warmth wrapping it around your neck bunches of times)...
Here is the scarf pattern I made up, in case ya'll would like to make one too :::::
1. (ch) chain stitch --- Make a chain the length you want the scarf, mine is approx. 7 feet long
2. (d) double crochet --- turn the work and do a double crochet stitch into the chain, for the entire length
3. REPEAT the double crochet in step #2 four times, till you reach your desired width
4. THE TRIM --- I took thinner soy yarn and (d) double crocheted across the edge, and then made a lace effect by .... (ch) chain stitch 6, then single crochet, then repeat across till the end of the width. Do this on both sides.



Kittie Howard said...

Leslie, I'm wearing those little boots I crocheted last year from your pattern!

Have you thought about making little slip-on footies? Have oodles of pairs I bought in Macedonia ... saw in several stores where they're becoming popular here!

Great scarf! I prefer rather skinny scarfs so I can wrap them. You're gonna sell out, girl!

Jenn said...

very nice! i likey!!

kirk said...

beautiful scarf-I have a spinning wheel and balls of wool yarn that I have spun but I haven't taught myself to knit yet. In winter I wear a silk scarf around my neck along with all my other wool clothes to keep warm. Can you recommend a good book to learn to knit? Cool thunderbird Tat!!!