Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Liked When Ms. Buttersworth Lived With Me

I had put Ms. Buttersworth the chicken back out with the other chickens........
but not really. She's been staying in the feed section of my mini-barn where the rooster and most the other chickens never go. Anytime I tried putting her back with the others they immediately picked on her, pulling out her feathers, the rooster mounting her so violently I could tell that this was why i had found her in a corner shivering in the first place. After bringing her in the cabin for a week, we got to know each other. We spent many long hours sitting with my cat Toots by the warm fire.
I never imagined a chicken would love me, but Ms. Buttersworth now loves me in a chicken love kinda way. She wants me to hold her, she coo's when she's warm in my arms, she perches on my arm, and nests in my lap. I miss her being in the Luck Cabin with me.
I don't know if chickens are really smart creatures, but they are definitely sensitive with a range of feelings - even if those feelings never form into thoughts as we humans know it.
( Side Note: i am not meaning to make any statements on whether we should eat them or not, I eat what I can eat AKA what I am not allergic to... these observations are just how i see nature.)
Of course... JuJu the donkey wishes she could live with me too. Why can't all my babies be potty trained? Or maybe I should move into my barn instead! ;)


Lou Cheese said...

Back when my German Shepherd was around, every once in a while I couldn't find something I wanted to wear. Whenever that happened I would go out to her dog house and find that she would routinely steal my worn clothes and line her bed with them. Socks, shirts, you name it.

Maybe you could line Ms. Butterworth's nest with something you wore when you held her, or if there's something you aren't going to use, like an old towel, bring her in & hold her with it so she recognizes the feel of it, then use it to line her nest.

'Ol Beep Beep must be getting along well, he/she is getting much bigger.

Also, you might want to put velcro on JuJu's scarf so that holds it together instead of the knot. That way if it snags something like that latch on one of the barn doors, it will simply come off instead of getting caught.

Joan said...

Animal heaven I say!

Ηλέκτρα said...

I had chickens... about 10 years ago.

All I could say is that it was a beautiful experience having these animals in my life.