Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Things I Do (think & find) While It's Snowing

See me there in the pic above... I know it's hard to tell because my alpaca wool gloves are so hairy and thick, but I am shooting my middle finger up at the snowing sky. Fu@k this winter! Me and Snow, I don't know if we can be friends anymore... they are being a little clingy since like December, coming over too much, always hanging around my house like a stalker, ruining my plans, just plain smothering me. They scare away the animals too, and that's just messed up. Basically the snow is an emotionally abusive co-dependent self absorbed freak, only good for magically fertilizing the earth with rich nutrients.

I was thinking this morning as I woke up to more snow, that a great horror film (yet to be made) would be an Alfred Hitchcock style suspense thriller called "SNOW"... the plot would be simple: Snow keeps on comin' down, at first they predict 10 feet, but it dumps 100's of feet burying everything alive - people would live their last days under tunnels of white they can never dig out of.

um.... anyway... so while it is snowing I found these two things that are aestheically nice and nothing I need. Only want.

Organic Cotton PANTIE & BRA SET! yeah, it's hawtness - and normally yellow bothers me but right now yellow is looking like fun in the hot sun. :) You can click the link or the pic to see more organic cotton goodness.
Vintage OWLS! I have a thing for owls. Ever since one came and lived in my wood stove a few years ago I have been loving owls, especially the screech owl. I had named him Scratchy and when he died, i clipped his wings to keep and buried the rest of his body in front the cabin.

PS- those black owls pictured are at my friend's vintage store on Etsy, called SOUGHT. Remember when I wrote about a woman named "Sandy" who wanted to F' the president... that's her. I don't think she wants to F' him anymore, but i'm not sure.



Kittie Howard said...

Girl, I hear ya about the snow. More coming tonite. Sick of it! Long for the sun to shine, a big yellow sun that makes me perspire slug a tall glass of ice tea. Sigh.

.·:*¨¨*:·.gm.·:*¨¨*:·. said...

Okay, so i love that you love my iron owls...i love also that you are you awesome and make me happy...

and now i want to f*ck Anthony Bordain and/ or Dr. House...but i would kick Prez Obama out my bed...

mara said...

Ok so I TOTALLY had those owls when I was a kid!!! I love them!I'm sorry you are stuck in the snow. Snow BAD! But just think, in the summer I'll be in the 105 zone and that will suck as bad:[] Love you, STAY WARM!!!!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Kittie --->
Oh yeah, still snow here, but i hold out hope this morning when the fog clears sun will come to melt the ice away again.
It has to... i need to move to my new place and all this snow is gettin' in the way. ;)

I love that when your stomach growls you thinks it's a zombie moaning and scares you!!! :)
and your owls.

Mara --->
Your mom musta had good taste when you were a kid. (no offense to my mom) BUTTT.... she hung creepy clown pictures on the walls cause some random relative had painted them, and they looked all sad and scary - plus the dolls. I don't like dolls, dolls are for horror movies not kids. Barbie is OK though, she's kind chinky and harmless. But hose expensive dolls you cant play with who sit in the glass case, they suck.

Gratuitous said...

Barbie is not okay (your non-pc "chinky" term aside), for me because of the ramifications of impossible proportions and deliberately standardized ideas of beauty, but also for you: http://www.answers.com/topic/plastic-doll

What is it about clowns... everybody thinks they're creepy these days (including me sometimes). But also I think of their sadness. I remember the Moody Blues song "Painted Smile"

I can sing
I can dance
Just give me a chance
To do my turn for you
There's a change I'll slip
But with stiff upper lip
I'll sing a song for you
Laughter is free
But it's so hard to be a jester
All the time
And no one's believing
I'm the same when I'm bleeding
And I hurt all the time deep inside

I've shed a tear for the lying
While everyday trying to
Paint this smile for you
Backflips, cartwheelings,
Somersault feelings
What is there left to do
Laughter is free
But it's so hard for me,
A jester all the time
No one's believing
I'm the same when I'm bleeding
And I hurt all the time deep inside

Leslie's Gone Oko said...


I didn't know "chinky" refered to a group of people... i havent used that word since i was little, it didn't dawn on me that it had the word"chink" in it, which of course it wouldnt cause i never used that word before.
But really, i should know weird words in a child's vocabulary that are innocent to the child are something wack passed down from adults...
for instance - (this is a CONFESSION) :::
Growing up in Louisiana we had ALOT of these black eyed susans growing wild in empty lots, the kind growing there had a very large black lump in the middle - much larger/longer then the variety here. As a very young child my cousins told me the name of the flower was "NiggerTitties" WHICH i actually thought was some kind of latin word for the flower, or flower name. I didn't dawn on me that there was racist or naughty words in it. It wasn't until I was nearly in highschool that I figured out what i was saying when i told other people how much i loved "NiggerTitties".
Terrible but true.

Now about Barbie...
She is a total landfill, plastic, waste of space. But I was only meaning she was not scary. Her eyes didnt flip open and she didn't fake pee on herself.
I hear the "American Girl Doll" is the new barbie now??? Kids are more into giant heads and bulging eyes then giant boobs these days.

And... I LOVE the Moody Blues. I mean love! xxoxoxo