Monday, March 15, 2010

Composting Crock!

Lemme jus' tell ya'll why I feel like a movie star...
because my blog has now been online long enough & gets so many hits a month, that I am able to do product reviews for rad eco companies like Gaiam! So when the earth friendly mega store contacted me to do a review of their kitchen composting crock I was SUPER excited (that is like celebrity status right?)
I have wanted this very same stainless steel kitchen nasties holder for about 5 years now - but never had gifted it to myself. I was totally missing out.

I have been using smelly open buckets, bowls, plastic tupperware ect to keep my kitchen scraps but because I cook 3 meals a day everyday year after year for my gluten free diet I end up with more food scraps then the average person. Leaving it to the open air not only kinda freakin' stinks, but in the summer it attracts flies instantly, which causes maggots and makes more flies. (I will tell ya my new maggot idea in a sec...)
This composting crock though let's air get to the compost scraps with some holes at the top, but also has a cool stink filter on it, so that the skanky rotten food smell can't escape back out. And trust me, it works cause I stuck onions in that thing!
So here's my Omnivore's Dilemma style idea for chicken food... I was planning on feeding my future chickens my compost/food scraps because it's worked out so well in the past. I already know how maggots (as sick as they are to us humans) are high in protein and good for feeding to the chickens soooooo, you could actually leave this crock open for a day and let the flies in to lay the eggs, then put the top back on & let your maggots grow inside there, then feed them to the chickens before they finish turning into flies!!! Way awesome.

So now this compost crock is not only good for holding scraps but also for producing your own chicken food, albeit it might be gross it's about as economical as ya' get can.

PS- Go here for more green living solutions at Gaiam.

PSS - They sent me another composting bucket to compare this one with but you have to use wheat powder in it for the composting process, so I gave it to someone else and they'll be sending along their review soon!! For those of you not allergic to wheat, the Bokashi Compost Bin is like the mac daddy... it even has a spout where you can pour out compost liquid to put in your potted plants.

PSSS- Go here to read my favorite blogging product review eva'. You'll laugh.



Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,
Enjoy the crock; you've earned it. For a number of reasons (see below) I am looking forward to any product reviews you might offer in the future.
#1 Your postings have a fresh and transparent honesty about them. You tell it like it is without insulting others.
#2 Your writings suggest you are anything but a typical consumer.
#3 You see the beautiful in everything.
#4 Your posts can make me LOL.
No pressure, just admiration.

Kittie Howard said...

Anon's right...a review from you works.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Thanks anonymous...
I am definitely not a typical consumer, in fact i dont like having hardly any stuff at all. I won't accept anything I can't really use in my daily life --- it needs to solve a problem, be eco, have many uses, and/or make my home environment better (like with this crock it makes things way more sanitary.)

Anything I can't use, I will pass onto someone who can--- like the plastic composter that used wheat to start the composting process. I can tell ya, i stayed like 10 feet across the room from that bag (gluten can cause brain damage for me,literally).

Thanks Kittie!!!!
Maybe if I get any items I don't need, I can pass them onto readers here! That would be super fun :)

Gratuitous said...

I'm game for product reviews! All you have to do is deliver them to me... I'll reimburse your gas money if you take the Hummer.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Gratu - lol.
You made me just think about how cool it would be if the USPS, UPS and FED EX, etc all started using bio fuel or something more efficient.

I try to use the USPS all the time cause they are coming to your house everyday regardless, why send out more trucks?

meghan k said...

i had this crock and it sucked. fruit fly city even if i emptied it often. plus you have to replace those filters. I got rid of the top and use the bottom as my trash bin. my new composting crock is just that, a ceramic crock with a lid found at goodwill. probably used to be used for flour