Thursday, March 25, 2010

Learnin' A Little Plumbing: Kitchen Faucet

Ya'll might remember my plan to make the kitchen & bathroom in my tiny Luck cabin much more eco efficient... there was no bathroom at all and the kitchen was spread out in a space equal to the bedroom. I cut that room in half and am working on piecing it back together with the help of my friends Noelle (pex plumbing) and Mark (carpentry).

I decided to take the old kitchen sink that had already been in the house and re-furbish it with just a change of faucet fixture. When I was attempting to take the old fixture off, mainly made of cheap plastic and corroded badly to the sink, I learned how to put one back on.

(Note to self: Taking shit apart really does teach you how to build/put things together!)
I had to use pliers to get the old parts off because there was so much old plumbing tape and the funky blue/green colored stuff metal corrodes onto itself when wet. Putting the new one on is fairly easy - you just spin those big plastic thingies all rightie tightie till you can't push anymore.
Yay! I swear putting stuff together myself is doing good things for my self esteem. I recommend trying this at home. DIY! :)


Kittie Howard said...

I'm flabergasted! Refurbishing a kitchen is NOT easy. I wouldn't know where to begin, except to look in the Yellow Pages. Loved your kissing trees. When we lived in Hawaii, I learned that the date tree enables a birdie to drop whatever for the palm tree to grow up beneath, nourish off the date, then kill it off. Mother Nature has her ways!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Kittie!

I loooove dates. I mean seriously love them, they are one of my favorite fruits --- i wish I could grow them here but they are so tropical, i would have to have a green house - but then how would the birdie come to do it's job?
Thanks for sharing your story. :)

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