Sunday, March 28, 2010

Clearing A Place For My Organic Garden

I chose this garden spot because it was not only the clearest spot I have on my land (i know, it ain't too open)- but also it is underneath some power lines, which means it will always need to be clear of trees and anything that could grow in the way of the grid system. But no small task - my garden is going to take a bit more work and longer to prepare then I expected, but will be so worth it in the end.
I am starting mostly with small stuff I can take care of with cutting shears - then I will work my way up to larger tree saplings that will need a hand saw. I got a good spot going already... (see pic below where I am picking up the brush I cut!)

I am totally taking the brush and making it into piles for critters to make new homes in - I also thought it would be alot of fun to make a semi permanent Lean-To (natural tent) for people to come camp under if they like. :)
But here is the kicker..... this HUGE pile of felled trees in the absolute sunniest spot, which were already cleared away from the power lines - I need some brave men or ladies to come ova' with their handy chainsaws and have a party on this pile. Anyone local interested in some wood and muscle flexing?


Liberty said...

hi Leslie,
it just occurred to me that you may want to register yourself with whoever maintains the hydro line pathways. to my knowledge they can use pesticides without notice on those to help keep them clear. but if you explain your degree of sensitivity, they may give you notice at least (or may even be willing to not spray :)

you may want to find out if that has been done recently before making an organic garden there!
I don't in any way mean to be a downer - just wanted to mention it in case you hadn't thought of it :-)

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Liberty!

I have never seen them do that at any of my houses here in western north carolina- but i will check. I can't imagine people here would even allow that, seems like it would cause an up-rising.
I have seen them come and cut back trees and brush with big machines- but that is only if it is going to touch the power lines. The counties around here tend to have high respect for their mountains and nature, because it's all they have to attract commerce and tourists/generate money for the cities.

Liberty said...

that is really cool that there is that respect and awareness!
that's a relief - I was worrying about you :-)

Wendy said...

Looks like a good start! What are you going to use for insect control? I found an organic spray online called EndAll. Have you heard of it? It eliminates a bunch of different insects and can kill them no matter what stage of life they’re in.

Cleo Pascal said...

I helped my mom clear a spot in her backyard for her own organic garden. I remember that experience well because that was the day when I sweat so profusely that I became dehydrated -- and I hate getting dehydrated. I did the task anyway because she promised me that she will make some alternative health medicine for my dehydration as soon as her herbs grow and become useful. And yes, she did keep her promise. :-)