Monday, September 21, 2009

Wildcrafted Herbal Remedy For Breast Cysts

Before telling you about my witches brew experiment, I have to do this:
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I have a cyst in my right breast. I found it about 5 years ago when one of my cats stepped on my boob (Thanks Mr. Toonces!) - I was pretty sure it was caused by a combination of having been pregnant a few months before that (which can cause clogged milk ducts, even if you miscarry I suppose) and the fact that when I was preggers I ate tons of dairy food which I am normally allergic to when un-preggers. (Mmmm, Cream cheese.) I did not go to the doctor about the cyst for 4 years after I found it because I knew what it was - I only knew because I had been made to feel up fake boobs at the Women's Breast Clinic in New Orleans where I felt cysts, fibroids and fake cancer in all the boobies in order to learn the difference when self examining. The cysts and the fibroids are mobile, they can slip and slide around inside the tissue, change in size and hurt when you touch them - the cancer was stiff and rock hard, it didn't move at all, and I was told by the doctor that it would not be sore and hurt like a fibroid or cyst would.
Last year I broke down and went to the health center in Asheville NC, you know... just to make sure I wasn't making a bad choice but mainly to beg someone to go ahead and take it out with a needle. The nice lady doctor touched my breast for all of a few seconds and knew right away announcing it was" just a cyst" - which meant not cancer and also meant they would not be taking it out.

I am a naturalist anywho, so I decided to take my knowledge of herbs and research some different remedies to come up with my very own brew to shrink the cyst and tone down the pain when it's inflamed before my period.
Here is what I came up with and I'll tell you how it worked when I've used it:

I take all the herbs/ingredients listed above and put them in a pot and bring to a boil - not for a drink but for TOPICAL use. I also made myself a small organic cotton pad to absorb the super warm topical tea and then hold the pad directly onto my breast over where the cyst floats around. I would hold it on there for at least 15 -30 mins. always keeping the pad replinished with the very warm topical tea.
Everytime I have used this method I have shrunk it down, when I did it regularly I shrunk it almost 80% but stopped cold and eventually the cyst grew back to it's larger size. When it was shrunk I also found that applying this remedy stopped that one breast from hurting before my period (while the other one still got sore) - so I imagine this may do something for inflammation in general. The reason I stopped cold of doing this till the cyst was gone was because for some reason I got nausiated as the cyst got smaller and thought possibly the cyst was releasing something less then healthy into my body (isolated toxins?) - and was hoping to have the rest taken out by needle (which ended up costing way too much). I am now starting the whole process again, and after just one sitting with the warm pad full of witches brew it already shrunk 20-30% down from the size it was right before. Wild huh?

Have any ladies out there dealt with breast issues? Cysts, fibroid or cancer? What kind of methods did you use to get your health straight?



Lou Cheese said...

The psychic Edgar Casey often prescribed soaking a cyst or other skin/tissue blockages with caster oil. If it was something small the patient was to put the castor oil on a band-aid and then wear the band-aid every day until the problem disappeared. Anything more serious would require warming a cloth soaked in castor oil and placing that where it was needed until the cyst dissolved.

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Hey Lou Cheese-

That is a really good idea- i think i will try that too, caster is a really good dis-solver, I had forgotten about. I wonder what is considered large and what is considered small?

Anonymous said...

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Jeanie said...

Vitamin E and evening primrose oils are great for breast cysts and I do love the castor oil pac used with a heating pad. But I have gained more results from a homeopathic remedy called Scrophularia Nodosa 3x(Knotted Fig-wort). It has an affinity for the breast and is useful when ever swollen glands are present. I take it orally and apply several drops to the breast and to the lymph glands under my arm and get fast results. You can use the liquid dilution or dissolve the less expensive pellets in water. Check out to read more about it.
To your health...Jeanie

Anonymous said...

I would say that if you were getting nauseus let it happen. Drink a ton of water, like a gallon in a day of distilled water when it happens to flush out the toxins.

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