Saturday, September 5, 2009

Garter Snake, Dark Brown With Yellow Stripes

I found this garter snake under a piece of wet cardboard when I was cleaning up outside this morning! We were both super surprised to see each other - the snake was really nervous and I suppose that's because they are one of the most harmless snakes you can possibly run still can bite but it won't be one wrought with venom. This one just stuck it's tongue out at me a few times before quickly slithering off into the tall grass.
Now here's a fun fact that I actually guessed before I found the answer - the word garter was chosen to describe the snake because someone (I bet a man) along the way thought the two long stripes up the snakes skin resembled the women's article of clothing that kept her stockings up, or nowadays accents some saucy lingerie. Pretty awesome.


Gratuitous said...

Resemble a garter? How 'bout an actual snake-skin garter? Badass!

Susie Collins said...

So beautiful!

Leslie @ the oko box said...

Gratuitous- The vegans will crucify ya for your blood 'lust'. (it is however a really good idea I will keep in mind.)

Susie- you know it, I don't know why snakes get such a bad rap, because their patterns are so pretty.

Gratuitous said...

If it helps any, I'm sort of a wussy Buddhist-type. I won't kill anything, ever (except for parasites), but I'll eat or use what's dead already. Yeah yeah, I know that my consumption "promotes" killing, but that's the killers' Dharma, not mine. O' course, I'm also a master of self-justification, so... whatever.

Leslie @ the oko box said...

Gratuitous - I don't think you should eat parasites jus' to please buddha. ;)
I eat whatever the hec I can - which is a pretty limited yet healthy 'medical' diet - there's no rules to it except to eat it all as friendly and light footed as possible. I actually would eat a snake (if it goes down well)- and would definitely use the skin for something, if I needed to kill one. I think I take the native american approach.