Saturday, September 19, 2009

A (Wet) Walk In The Woods

It's been raining for days, and it is predicted to keep on raining like this for another week! This is awesome for my newly planted fall garden, but for my love of being outside...well ya' gotta make compromises sometimes. I decided to go out into the soggy outdoors when the rain slacked just enough, I know that after a good rain everything has that dark wet look that brightens and makes each living thing more bold.
The path was getting it's first confetti of colored leaves, it looked like someone had carefully placed them, but the random nature of nature is just that beautiful on it's own.
I was walking super quiet in hopes to see some wildlife - I was so quiet in fact some squirrels chasing each other had no idea I was there and ran out into the path one behind the other, only to stop suddenly, give a look of complete shock at how close we all were and then haul ass two separate ways in two separate trees. Can you see the one squirrel in the pic below?
Once fall and winter begin their arrival I notice so many more things in the woods then before- so many things that were being covered up by the jungley growth of summer.
I then found my favorite trees, the wintergreen & root beer smelling birch trees! There are so many more then I even realized. I decided to brush my teeth with a branch like the Native Americans did - the birch tree tastes way better then toothpaste to me (I don't like toothpaste at all), and as you can see I don't bleach my teeth cause it's not worth putting chemicals in my body but they are not exactly the whitest either due to Celiac Sprue damage.
Read more about the yummy Birch tree here.
I found some really tall rock outcroppings that had bunches of little animal holes & hideaways all around it. These rocks are really steep- the edge is a cliff hanger of at least 50 feet or more.
On my way back home I found some really delicious apples sitting in a creek bed that no longer runs with water. Yay! More apples!


linda said...

Oh those fungal things are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Hey Linda!

I know, they had those pinkish lavender edges! I never saw that before. :)