Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Soy Wax Massage Candles

From the moment I discovered soy wax massage candles, I was fascinated with their magical powers to go from burning candle to warm yummy massage oil. But I have chemical sensitivities, and every place I found these brilliant inventions seemed to be smothered in artificial scents, like Mango Vanilla & Mojito Peppermint. The prospect made me think more of gagging then massaging. Unscented seemed to not be an option - but finally after many months of searching I discovered an unscented, safe massage candle for those with sensitivities/allergies ! The 100% soy wax candles are handcrafted by "Pomdee" , who says she started making them so that she too could have the unscented option. "By using soy wax, you don't have the toxins you get by burning typical candles (you know the black junk that comes off of them)" and because she uses a unique wood wick she says "you don't have the lead wick burning in your home that 99% of the candles use." To complete the circle of eco bonuses, the glass container can be easily washed and re-used as a cocktail glass.

Pomdee & The Öko Box are now collaborating to bring a naturally scented version of this candle, lovingly created with true essential oils that are commonly used in massage therapy.

Try them out @ www.theokobox.com ! Just look under the intimates section :)

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