Thursday, January 31, 2008

Could The USA Rock Organic Like Europe ?

I know that the US has great organic minded designers, who make plenty beautiful eco clothing (because I carry them @ The Oko Box) - but Europe seems to rock organic in such a no nonsense natural way. Is it possibly the difference in our social attitude towards organic & our bodies that I am feeling ? KUYICHI is a European organic clothing company, with a gorgeous selection of organic denim and tops. When I look lustfully at their collection, what I first think is - how can we get this in the USA - and secondly - why don't we already have stores like this ? It looks like American Eagle, but is fully equiped to save the planet with eco conscience fabrics & business practices. Part of being a modern consumer is now being a responsible consumer- and we all individually have great power to make this world a healthy and happy place. Simple everday choices make a huge difference when we all start making them together ! I was recently told by someone that we "need cheap stores like Walmart because it makes products available to the poor" - but what an oxymoron when buying cheap products from overseas creates horrible poverty in other countries. Are we partial to US poor only ? What do you think ?
To view the Kuyichi Collection :


Nickcoelodeon said...

Not only that but Wal-mart creates horrible poverty in our country as well. Yes it provides cheap items for low costs but they are also cheaply made items that provide little reliability. Also, Wal-mart runs local businesses out of business and sucks money out of the local economy only to send it away to some corporate slob out of state. Wal-mart is great for the pockets of America's elite but widens our already grossly disproportionate distribution of wealth. YES we need ecologically friendly stores! YES we need stores that are mindful in providing fair wages!

Anonymous said...

forget the jeans. I want that male model to be my boyfriend!!