Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Organic Olive Tree

My organic olive tree from is already making blooms ! This is amazing considering it is growing indoors- but what really amazes me is the way the tiny closed flowers look just like micro-olives :) mmm ! (See pic to the right ).

The Organic Style store was formerly the Organic Bouquet- they have now expanded to have organic gifts o' plenty - including cool bonsai trees, organic food baskets, organic pet supplies and organic clothing. And of course, great organic olive trees. If you want a really spectacular (more expensive) organic olive tree, visit . Viva Terra has Topiary Trees (Olive, Lemon, Hibiscus), that can be ordered in handcrafted tree root pots.

FYI : Olive trees require a minimum winter temperature to bloom in the spring. Global warming may some day hit the olive industry as temperatures definitely affect crop set and size. A local winter temperature rise due to development around the tree such as buildings and asphalt which act as a wintertime heat sink, can inhibit fruiting.


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