Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Good Green Washing ?

Is there such a thing ? If you are not a giant corporation falsely claiming to be "greening" the office, but instead you are scrubbley bubbling your happy home with safe non-toxic green cleaners ! That is good green washing. Those regular ole' stand by cleaners, usually grabbed off the shelf for price and familiarity are harmful to our health. There is a reason they recommend calling poison control if you took one deadly sip (remember what happened in "Heathers", when Heather #1 sipped Winona's Drano hangover recipe ! Yowsers !) Although breathing the mist of ENDUST won't send you face first through your glass coffee table, over time these unregulated chemicals can cause serious health hazards. According to the Cancer Prevention Coalition "home products like cleaning agents, aerosols, air fresheners, and disinfectants contribute to the problem. These products may contain hidden cancer-causing ingredients." The EPA is now involved in a 3 year long study "Cleaning Products Project Pilates", to find out what the real chemical cleaning effects are for indoor air pollution- (how it could take three years to decide chemicals are less healthy then nature made products, I wonder ?) The EPA already has declared indoor air pollution 5 X's the amount of outdoor pollution, so why not start reducing the chemicals in your home environment today !

Try these kits :
"Green-kits takes the guesswork out of choosing the most effective earth friendly cleaning products. We've done the dirty work. You just pick the kit that's right for you."
(Note : Green Kits even has a starter kit for babies ! I gave it as a gift to my friend Natalia who said she and her newborn loved it.)

"Everything you need to give dirty the boot and evict toxic cleaning chemicals from your home, so you can reclaim that space under your sink once and for all."
For those DIY folks, here is a simple guide to making your own cleaners, from scratch ! Plus there's a quick fact sheet about chemical cleaners, to help motivate you :)

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