Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gaia Conceptions Organic Clothing

"My desire has always been to find a place where my environmental and humanitarian values can become interwoven with my work as a designer and artist."

What attracted me to Gaia Conceptions was not only the brilliant earthy designs, but her concepts are brought to light with materials that are not only organic, but also local. "The Certified Organic Cotton - is grown in Texas, ginned in North Carolina, and made into fabric in South Carolina." She also designs with exquisite natural fabrics spun of hemp, raw silk, and organic wool - using only fiber reactive eco safe dyes to create a rainbow of colors. If that isn't cool enough, she will do custom orders to fit just your shape ! Check out her ESTY store full of organic dresses, skirts, tops, maternity, for baby, and more here @ .

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