Monday, July 4, 2011

Ghost Of Myself

I went on a ghost story binge yesterday.... which made me want to make my own fake ghost picture in the Luck Cabin.
So here is me, dead and haunting you.
In other news.... the test results came back from the allopathic doctor and I am free of parasites they say. Like 100%.
Only thing that sucks about that, is i only got about 30-40% better after having took the Para-shield pills. So what next?
Even though i paid the doctor in full and many many hundreds of my dollars, they refused to call me back and tell me what route i should take. Also they told me to go to my family doctor, which i dont have, DUH, cause most doctors suck. Then they promised to refer me after the holiday ends. But only to a GI clinic which i have been before that treated me very badly.
GO US health care!

So...... for now I will concentrate on balancing the after-battle damage. (parasites and all methods to kill the little shitheads can really put your digestive track out of whack and under serious distress. )
Fingers crossed.... for probiotics, usnea tea, salt baths, happy thoughts, etc.....
a wise man asked me recently "is this a hill you are willing to die on"....
fuck no. Not ready to be the ghost of myself just yet.



Majoofi said...

If I have to be haunted you're the sort of ghost I'd pick.

Yeah, doctors! Sheesh! what occurred to me is that possibly the parasite junk you took did it's work but also might have killed all your good bacteria. perhaps you just need some good probiotics like some yogurt. But then you've probably tried that.

Anonymous said...

the tests often come back false-negative. best to get a series done, but i realize this would be expensive for you.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

I read about the tests coming back negative often.
the tests i took, were 4 parts....(so more then one test was taken)
and i asked the doctor's office to please re-test again just in case, and they refused to run another stool test and told me to ask my family doctor to (which i dont have) --- and also will takes weeks before i get in to see anyone PLUS take tests and get test results back.
So while i wait (all of July I imagine) for that medical BS.... these are the things i am doing in the meantime, because doctors dont seem interested in helping.
funny how that works since that is their job.
I had no problem paying for more tests either.

The usnea tea i am drinking though, is making me have wayyyyyy more energy then i was having. Like almost feeling normal for a few hours after. Which is a nice change.

Today i am going to go get more probiotic stuff, and lots of cherry and Pomagranite juice ect.---- fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

if the usnea is having such a strong effect on you it could likely be bacterial if it's an invading pathogen. good luck!