Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Luck Cabin For Sale

The Luck Cabin..... built in 1970 by some mountain man.... hardly touched until 2010/11 by me.... i did a total transformation to this cabin. I wanted to stay here for the rest of my life. But it ain't gonna happen. And now it's official, a small piece of my sweat and soul is for purchase.
$120,000.... and all this can be yours (see list under the pictures!) :))))
Above - outside shower, below is the back deck...
the mini barn with built in chicken coop me and my uncle designed and built.
and here is the front door.... go inside....
the living room and kitchen are open to each other... the loft is up top...

bathroom has composting toilet (dont worry i will clean it out before i leave), clawfoot tub and little birdbath sink...
and the one bedroom.....
ALL ABOUT IT :::::::::::::::

--- composting toilet
--- grey water system for sink and tub
--- gravity fed spring water to house, with outside non electric pump
--- pond
--- mini barn with storage space and chicken coop
--- fenced in approx. 1 acre
---property approx 8 acres
--- flat, sloping, steep, wooded, small cleared area for garden
---claw foot tub, stain glass window, outside shower
--- locally milled hickory wood floor
--- new metal roof with 40 year warranty
--- PEX (pecs) plumbing
--- gravel road
--- large deck and covered porch on three sides
---creek, springs
--- satellite internet, with French Broad's Broadband being installed
--- electric stove, electric fridge
--- new storm windows
--- woodstove


Majoofi said...

Oh no! Where you gonna go?

I understand it's needed change. I hope that whatever you find is just as exciting if a little less harrowing.

Ike said...

Man! I would buy this place in less than a heartbeat. But I ain't got the doh-re-me.

But why ya gonna leave us? We loved reading about your adventures... Hope you find another, even more exciting place to live!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

i am not leaving my blog... just my cabin when it sells...
everything else will continue on as normal. Probably so similar you'll hardly notice.

Justin Brockey said...

Going to miss the Luck :( What about JuJu?

Ramona Quimby Lives said...

I *just* found you yesterday and am loving your videos.

Sorry to hear you are leaving your place - what's going to happen to JuJu???

Take care! ( ◠‿◠ )

Oliver said...

You're fast becoming my hero. I've posted your work on my facebook page.

Regards, Oliver

Kisha said...

I don't think i could live there year round, I'd miss the city life too much, but I'd love to take a vacation in your cabin!

Lisa said...

Where are you moving to? Is it that living there helped your MCS so much that now you can move back to civilization?

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dectgr said...

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