Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You Burn Bras, I Burn Panties

For the last week, I have been taking a antibiotic called "Flagyl".... it kills protozoa. While raging through the waves of illness and side effects to the drugs - i decided to take the time to test out my skills at being OCD. I am not so good at it, but i have mopped my floors about 4 times this week (more then i usually do all year), i have washed clothes, scrubbed the tub and sinks several times, i have taken everything out cabinets and wiped them down. Soon i will do a second round on cleaning out the composting toilet (supremely unpleasant now!)

Then as a final anti-parasite ritual (with practical purpose) i decided to buy all new underwear and burn the hell out of the pairs i have been wearing since i got sick.
Wasteful? yeah.... well, so are sick people who use tons of toilet paper, medicines, resources, and waste away doing nothing but being ill ---- and i dont want to re-infect myself, or some other person. My panties were the main thing i own that could questionably harbor the parasite because i don't have a dryer to high heat kill them, and with the summer humidity I can't quite get anything "dry" around here.
So BURNNNnnn bayb burn. Sorry panties.

The antibiotics have halted the diarrhea finally....but it's not like I went back to normal, because with all the other symptoms the pills cause i don't know left from right.
It's akin, to being a zombie, who has demons exercised out ya body, with sick gaggable nausea, headaches, stiff neck, and sleepy brain... with a side order of cramps, paranoia, confused/disjointed thoughts, and jumpy body parts. WTF. Oh and i can't go in the sun at all!!!
Vampire maker pills!



Sean said...

I had to take flagyl a few years ago and the stuff made me feel like my eyeballs were glued into their sockets. Not fun at all. I know you've been taking probiotics, but I also suggest drinking miso soup daily to replenish your gut flora, if you haven't been doing so already. Miso soup daily is pretty much a good thing to do anyway. That and kefir/yogurt, but you know this stuff.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Sean!
Flagyl is a brutal drug!
I am taking probiotic pills... i might try kerfir but i am allergic to dairy products so i am reluctant. And I will get some miso... it's just so hard to find all these things also gluten free.
The Flagyl was gluten free though LOLOL. I made sure the pharmacy got Celiac safe ones. :))))

I took my last pill last night and am coming down off the side effects right now.
I looked it up and it cures like 100 different things, and you know that shit is strong cause one use for it is to kill STD's after a sexual assault! ! ! daayyymmmmm.

are there any other ways to get probiotics that are not dairy related??? and i probably could use some weight gain something or rather, but that stuff never works for me.

Sean said...

A few years ago The American Miso Company moved from Rutherfordton NC (aka Ruff'ton) over to Asheville, just up the road from you. I suggest calling them and asking about their gluten-free status. I would figure that they would be very sensitive to issues like that. I believe that their miso products are all wheat-free, using only soy & rice, but I'd definitely check.

Gluten-free mass-produced trademarked mega-pharmaceutical drugs. Wonders never cease. Does this mean that Big-Pharma is REALLY looking out for our best interests? Hhahaha!

Happy Weekend!!!

bryanadoree said...

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