Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Walk (ft.) JuJu the Donkey


Me and JuJu went for a walk today in the snow, looking for sunshine and finding other fun stuff like turkey tracks, ice in the creeks, pretty waterfalls of water.
But then JuJu runs off with some kids and I have to go find her in the dark.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous Neighbor(with out a fancy pants name) here again. I did the same thing as you yesterday. Tracking in the snow is so much fun! It gives you a real idea of how wild animals behave in the winter / snow season. I found deer, turkey ( followed them to their roosting place), damn Coyotes and several small animals. It's a pain to get out, but once out it sure as hell is worth it huh?
Nice video- looks like yer Dad made a good choice with the camera?
Later Tater.

FrancescPhoto said...

Beatiful images!!

Joe said...

You should do a video a day. JuJu is a star. You may want to use movie maker to get rid of bad scenes and such. Cant wait to build my cabin next year. keep the faith