Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Breaking Icicles ft JuJu the donkey


I like, I dont like, I like. What do I like?
I like JuJu. I like life.



kirk said...

nice samurai action on those icicles!! It's almost impossible to resist the temptation to knock them down:0

Kim said...

Now that just looks dang fun! So glad that you're finding some fun moments in all that snow.

Liberty said...

you are so much fun!!!
and I don't think I've said it quote like this yet so I just have to...


You really have a donkey! and a chicken that stands on one leg on it! that is just so wild!

ok... it's prying but I have to ask... do you take vitamin D3?
I live somewhere that has a cold season 6 months long with SO much greyness and if I don't take vitamin D I want to die. literally.
life in the 'winter' got so much better after trying vitamin D.
For me it takes about 4000iu/day in the morning to make a big difference but even 2000iu/day helped.

Joe said...

Good video. I think the donkey just said "got to get away from this psycho chick". You are an inspiration to many people - know this. I am having my young cousins - young girls keep watching your blog. No need to censor. they get it. Keep fighting and keep making it. I think sooner than later you will go viral. peace