Monday, January 17, 2011

Looking for a Bath... Finding Adventure? Alotta Angels?


Not having a bath for a month, motivated me to get out from the cabin one more time, before this week's set of snow storms arrive tonight!



Angela said...

These road trips are fun! I like your loyal companion. Keep him with you--why not? He seems to be a good listener. Easier than carting kids around!

Anonymous said...

I had recently ordered some items in December from the Oko Box store but haven't received them and I am unable to open the web page for the store. Is the store still up? Will I receive my items?

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Anonymous -
everyone was refunded through december and Jan. - due to severe and constant weather problems that will likely last till spring the oko box is closed.
PLease check your email, or credit statement for the refund, paypal send refund emails.
email at the email address connected to the blog here, on my profile with any further problems.

Anonymous said...

you need a dog; he needs you
can you co-parent?
thanks for remindin me that disrespectin momma ain't pretty, especially when usin her facilities. leslie needs outa that cabin before her light goes out completely!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Anon -
you dont know me or my mom, my mom loves for people to stay at her big cabin and i was teasing her by jumping on the bed because she has OCD really bad - its not like i damaged anything in her house or had a party.
give me a break.
Funny when i have fun and laugh, suddenly my "light is going out" ... free spirits always disturb the masses.

Anonymous said...

wow Leslie, what a positively snarky response to what was most likely a well-intentioned comment/observation.

Jasmin said...

I just really love you and all your post and videos! I've been following you for a while now and you inspire me to live an eco-friendly life :] You have to be my favorite blogger ever! And that dog is so cute! I had a cat that followed me around like that dog does to you! haha I would have to take her with me when I would reach the highway, too. haha Keep posting! Because I really enjoy it a lot! :]

KrisPKritter said...

The dog is just like mine; once they've had a taste of riding in a car/truck, it's like candy to a baby(OK, organic candy). I can't walk by my truck without getting a frantic display of whining and barking out of her. She now rides in the bed of the truck and has a leash/seat belt and Doggles, yes, dog goggles, to keep the bugs at bay. They're orange tinted and have flames on the side. You're stuck now because he's hooked. Be glad Juju hasn't made it into the car(or did I miss that one?). I haven't read enough to figure out why you're risking life/limb in this escapade but I can say that you should have tried this in say, Florida, before NC. I was in Maggie Valley a few years back at Christmas and it was COLD(and I'm from PA). And it does not appear your cabin is sufficiently hardened for over-wintering? Maybe some serious plumbing rework in your future? Find out what they do in Alaska. Amusing finding your site off of (of all places) instead of something like Good luck with your adventure just keep in mind that in Nature there is no room for critical error nor forgiveness. It's beauty is deceiving in that regard...

Stephanie Rogers said...

Why be anonymous? If you're going to leave a weird critical comment, at least have the balls to leave SOME kind of name, whether made up or not.

Anonymous said...

Interesting life - brings back more than a few memories for me, building the cabin in -30 below, mice running over me at night (hated that) - and having the woodstove heat the place to about 110 at night - had to leave the door open at night in the middle of the winter LOL

Not sure I have any good advice - wouldnt matter if I did because humans dont really take advice very well - maybe a few observations/experience :

You need other people. Living alone is one of the toughest things to do - no matter how independent you are - as a species, we are just not built that way. You live alone and you talk to yourself in your head and you just give yourself the same answers again & again.

Sure no sunshine hurts - bothers me too right now, but like others have pointed out, even if you were in paradise, I think loneliness is still an issue. And if you're an oddball, like most of us here, having MORE people isnt the solution, having the RIGHT people is - quality vs quantity type thing.

Hang in there, the physical problems are all pretty solvable - hey just turn off the pipes and put a pot of snow on the woodstove - your water problems are over. Don't paint yourself into a corner with things you think you 'have' to have when maybe you dont - or other alternatives are possible.

Best of luck