Friday, January 14, 2011

Fixing My Spring Water... In The Dark

Most of ya'll know by now, i have been having every water problem thinkable since winter started. The last few days I had an increasing problem with sediment coming from my outside pump (cause of course my inside water has been frozen for weeks)- there was not just a lil dirt in my drinking & cooking water, but a dead salamander so decayed it's legs were gone, large pieces of bark and leaves, and the clincher that sent me out into the night... little shavings of plastic with bits of plumbing glue on it (somehow from back when the piping was put underground.)
I will drink salamander decay water ANYDAY over plastic!!!!!


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Aisha said...

that is what you cal roughing it, makes me rethink some of those fabulous far out plans to live in off the grid, unless its in the ropics I hope your stuff thaws soon.eww on the salamander Blessed Be