Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Walkin' On Willow Creek Road

Yesterday I took a walk down Willow Creek Road, the sun was actually shining and the snow on the main road has melted away (mostly). My favorite thing to do is see all the animals people have on their properties... I came upon a bunch of teenage cows huddled together.
Two of them were closer to the gate and let me walk very close to them until they realized I was a stranger - then they took off running. It's not often I really see cows run and these were flying downhill like a gazelle!
Down the road further I got to see one of my buddies who I have visited a bunch of times while riding my bike - my donkey friend I call "Freedom"! Freedom got really hairy for the winter and looks to fuzzy and cute... I feel bad for him though , cause he's been all alone in a too small area for many months now and it's made him highly aggressive (AKA he's not friendly). He starts snorting and trotting quickly before I even get close to his fenced in territory, over the months he's gone from curious to downright spooked and crazy. I want to set him free and that is why I call him "Freedom".
Right next door to Freedom is a baptist church called Ebenezer (like the scrooge?) - I am not too happy with them since they ignore Freedom's needs so I figured maybe that "444" address is really code from something else.... hmmmm, like 666 Saaaaaatan!?!?
Moving right along... sometimes I dream about making a pretty coffee table photography book about barns of Big Sandy Mush. Each one has such a thumbprint of personality.The pic below actually has what is called a "shit pond" behind the sign. Farmers wash the cow poop into one holding spot, then later pump the poop liquid out to use as fertilizer on the fields. While this smells horrid and I always think I might puke smelling it - I have to say I would choose this over chemical fertilizers any day.
Look at these pretty horses!!! The white one in the back blends in with the snow. I wanted to jump on and ride away.



Kittie Howard said...

Leslie, loved the flying cow photos, especially the first one...haven't seen a cow scat that fast in years...and, a real shit pond, another first in sometime...and much better than chemicals...happy you got shoveled out...hope your Christmas was very, very nice...and Happy New Year to to You and Yours...more challenging weather has come up from Louisiana to ring in the New.

Tammy said...

Great pictures ~ especially of the cows running!! Love your humor (444~666 ;-)

I'm right with you on the manure over fertilizer bit...

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Kittie!
Happy new year to you too... yep, Louisiana always sends us some kinda shitty weather. My mom calls me from New Orleans and gives me the warnings. :)
I loved the flying cows too.

Thanks...poop over chems anyday. (Of course when they turn on those poop sprinklers I am like "holy shit, no!"

Gretta said...

I think that church is the oldest building in Buncombe county.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Gretta!
I cant believe that church is historical... which confirms my beliefs that a donkey hating satan probably built it. ;)