Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nude "Canary" Calender for 2010

Bet you just couldnt wait for the Sorta Naked Women of MCS Calender to arrive! ha ha... actually I bet you didn't know it existed! Hitting the awareness scene this 2010 is a naked calender showing pictures exclusively of women who have been chemically injured causing them to have the socially & phyiscally disabling disease called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. These injuries have a range of causes usually stemming from an exposure to chems in the work environment, in war, in 9/11, and even in the home. Since MCS is a disease only known to recent history (AKA major pollution & use of unhealthy chemicals) there has not been much research to validate and search for a cure, leaving people with MCS in the dust with the many of the other invisible diseases that Big Pharma has no invested interest in.
This Awareness Calender was put together by Susie Collins of The Canary Report in order to bring some attention not just for the cause, not even so much to raise money for charity - but to show the real human side to an illness which has been treated with disdain and rudeness by most of the medical community, up until recently when Gulf War syndrome was recognized by the military.
So... for you dirty birds out there who don't really care whether the ladies have MCS or not but more so about seeing some naked skin - do you have a mask wearing fetish? Like big and skinny ladies? Love some artsy nudes? Love nature with naked ladies in it? If so... you'll love this calendar! (Click that link and see it!)
For those who can't purchase it (cause duh the fresh printed ink makes peeps with MCS cough and swoon), don't worry a video version will be coming out later this month!

PS- I submitted about 5 photos for the calender (all including the F word), and the pic up top was the one chosen... this one below was a reject!!! I kinda like the reject, ya'll!



Ben Garland said...

Now that's a worthy cause :) I like the 2nd one better too.

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Thanks Ben!

***Hey other readers... follow Ben's name till you find his cool websites that have bunches of eco info! He's gonna be building his own lil rammed earth mecca with his lady!

Mokihana and Pete said...


Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

I love the sign you are holding in your calender pic - where did you get that? Did you make it?

Mokihana and Pete said...

The sign is from the Washington State Toxics Coillition. We've been members for years. Google them, and if you join up, that sign goes into your yard or on your vardo!


Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome! What a cool calendar! We deserve a naked calendar. We deserve everything "they" have! I feel really good knowing they aren't "one up" on us in the naked calendar department. Now I'm trying to think of what else we need to get in order to even the score. It's us against them, and we'll win because they're all killing themselves off with their chemicals. So we'd better start organizing to rule the earth, because someone's going to have to do it, and we're going to be all that's left.

Susie Collins said...

Aloha Leslie!

Zazzle thought we were naked and yanked the calendars off my shop's home page, lol. Even though they have soft porn butt shots in other calendars, but the babes have stiletto heals and thongs, so I guess that's ok. Next year we might have to wear thongs and lacy push ups, which will be a challenge for me b/c I only have one boob.

Thank you so much for your contribution to the project! I'll be honest, you made the whole thing a bit more of a challenge, but I'm really glad that I did not censor your submission and just let you sing your song the way you wanted. I greatly appreciate all you bring to The Canary Report community!

Susie xoxo

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Thanks Mokihana for the info
And thanks Amestress!! Next year you need to be in it... i think I am going to make sure I am Miss December next time by taking a snow pic! lol

Thanks for including me even though my message is a little strong, it's to the point. Looks like Zazzle has a little bit of a discrimination problem since they leave up other nude-ish calenders... shit, we can wear organic thongs next time. Ask zazzle if they would like to donate the eco high heels, since those are quite expensive. :)
I added your video to this post also, you did a great job!

Susie Collins said...

Thanks, Leslie!