Friday, December 4, 2009

The Naked Winter Woods

While winter may open up the views, cleanse the earth, and tone down the bright colors into a meditative gray... I have the hardest time adjusting to this season because of the cold. I can see the fantastic beauty but I can hardly stand my freezing cold toes under the the thick socks and boots, my Cajun DNA has no clue how to get motivated for many outdoors adventures! When I look at the naked trees day after day I will confess to ya'll that by mid january I struggle to not go insane. This is why winter is a good time for being creative on a personal level, a time to discover and pursue hobbies, to make wish lists, to form new dreams, and to spend too much time on the internet reading each other's blogs. ;)
Please share with me your winter time hobbies, so I can get extra inspired to do something other then put wood on the fire and hold my hands over the wood stove like a slave to the heat! Oh, and check out the stark beauty and lines of winter in these pics....


Wild Canary said...

Well, I could have written your blog today, but I didn't. You did...I wax melancholy in a joyful sort of way. I love to collage, but haven't gotten the glue out yet. It hasn't snowed and I think cold without snow is a waste. I get scattered and pick up old books and try to get inspired. I want to think of others but can;t give much of myself away until I find out who I am this season. the goats keep me focused...the dogs just lay around in the cold weather. YOur tree photos capture the starkness...thanks, Leslie

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Hey Wild Canary!
Thanks for sharing... i like making collages too. :) And today, it is actually snowing, but man it is freaking COLD out.
What kind of glue do you use? I would like to make collages using bees wax.

Liberty said...

hi Leslie,

I go a bit wacky from Sept/Oct to April - very cold and often grey months in southern Ontario.
I will not go through those months without vitamin D supplements!

Some things I like doing are sewing, colouring, reading, crocheting (I have a blanket I crochet more of each year... over 5 years so far and it's not even half done but I enjoy it :-).
I also am more likely to experiment with cooking (soups, casseroles, stews) and baking. One of my hobbies, borne of my love of sweets but avoidance of sugar, is gluten-free, sugar-free baking. Things like cookies, cakes, biscuits, crackers, muffins, banana bread... yum!
Of course with being gluten-free and sugar-free, many of my experiments are not successes but I've enjoyed eating many of them with a spoon ;-)

what are some things you do?

I hadn't known one could make collages with beeswax! does it hold as well as glue?
I found one glue stick I tolerate okay - out of tons I tried. I've also made home-made glue that was MCS safe but it's a big hassle to make and does not keep long.

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Hey Liberty!
Share your recipes please, i have to eat gluten free too :)

For indoor projects i usually like to sew with scrap fabric, make lists of things i dream to accomplish, draw pictures of outfits i'd like to make, some art & reading, tending to my indoor plants.... then i do alot of household stuff like cooking all my meals, looking at recipe books, keeping the house warm. Oh, and viewing people too much on facebook.
At the moment I spend many hours a day looking at ways to create a sustainable life for myself,viewing land for sale online, making plans to build a tiny home etc...and hoping I can get my donkey soon! :)

I think wax could make a good glue if you melt it, brush it on, put thee collage piece in the wax - then when all the pieces are in place brush a light coating over it. OR so i hope it may work. ha.

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

PS- i also enjoy writing ALOT, and found a fun website that allows people to write, and others to write sequels and prequels to your tiny story. It's Way way fun for winter time doldrums...