Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eco Art: Homemade Charcoal & Scrap Paper Drawing

Yay! I am all excited about this eco art project...mainly because I was able to work in the larger size I am comfortable with, but also because the whole thing was free (free charcoal made in the wood stove, free scrap paper from a shipping box!) I made a lil' video for ya'll of the step by step process of the drawing itself... take a lookie down below!



chakatreatment said...

That is absolutely beautiful...I'm glad it was free, and I'm thrilled you are so ingenious BUT!!! The best part is the art!! You are so talented and I'm just glad you can work around your chemical issues, because the world would be less awesome without your art in it.

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Thank you soooo much. :)
Let me know if you want some charcoal, I can mail you some! Throughout the winter i am going to have tons of it, and each piece is different. xoxo

Ruth R. said...

Leslie, your blog never ceases to amaze and entertain me!!! Girl, you've got so much talent in so many areas it is incredible!!!!
I hope you keep doing what you do and inspiring the rest of us to let our talents out to play....I haven't done any creative photography in a while now...gotta make some holiday cards for people.I love to see your photos and stories of what you're doing, nature things you discover, etc.....it beats any TV program out there...(I don't have a TV by choice). Sincere best to you! Ruth

Mokihana and Pete said...

Beautiful use of things in your world to create delight. Seems those visits to Rima's world of art are truly communing with your lovely art genes. **smiling**


Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Hey Ruth!
That is so nice. Maybe this is my low tech non TV version of a reality show :) I don't watch TV either, especially these days, the way they put together angles, commercials, colors actually makes me car sick.

Mokihana -
You know, when i went to Rima's blog I was like- holy cow that looks like my artwork I used to do (except Rima's are smaller sizes and a little more mythical of characters.) It made me very sad and happy - her art is SO awesome and I felt sad that because of my chemical sensitives I was forced to stop doing the wonderful colorful paintings I used to do ...and I was prolific beyond normalcy (I did hundreds upon hundreds of paintings which were later destroyed during hurricane Katrina). Rima's artwork and lifestyle made me think WTF am i doing, there HAS to be a way to paint & draw like i used to with these non toxic materials...so now i am taking it a step further, pushing the envelope! Bringing back the characters, the size, the thoughts, the expression I once had.
Do i still wish so bad i could use all those colorful paints? for sure... but since I can not, I am going to invent a way to continue my eco art, not just as a craft but as fine arts like i used to.
Thanks for showing me Rima's blog because it had a profound effect on me on many levels!

Liberty said...

oh my gosh Leslie!

that piece of art is gorgeous, beautiful and captivating! I am really glad that you are pursuing safe ways to make your art because the world at large and my own personal world will be brightened by it!
thank you for sharing this.

Kittie Howard said...

Leslie, I'm blown away...you are sooo talented...did I catch a bit of symbolism with the hand...mother earth holding wisdom and continuity?? Love seeing your work...it's awesome!

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Thanks so much Liberty!!! I know you are an artist too and i appreciate your compliments!

Kittie- Thank you - all this good feedback I am getting is really encouraging me. Haven't been in a critique in many years now, and forgot how much i enjoy discussing and sharing art.
ps- Kittie, your stories are like awesome paintings, the way you tell them.

Mokihana and Pete said...

This link will get you to India Flint's site (always very eco-cool) and a post she did that winds its way into talking about her next INDIGO dye pot. She is famous for her dye pots. There's a clue here, I'm still waiting to see if she replies to my query.
xo Mokihana