Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Ducks! xoxo


Ducks are fast becoming some of my favorite critters around the Luck Cabin. They are loyal, hilarious, self preserving, self sufficient, lay the best tasting eggs in the world, they take naps with me when i lay down in the sun, and they enjoy the company of chickens.
This video is somewhat mundane, but it makes me so happy to watch them - they make me smile and laugh every single day!

PS.... wanna see something that is total hilarity and so wrong :::
GO HERE and watch baby ducks blowing in the wind!



Wild Canary said...

This is SO well done, Leslie! We LOVE mundane at Marley's Run Farm. Lane had ducks in TN and wants them again...after this, we are inclined to get some. And the ducklings blowing in the wind all survived!!!
WE are going back to watching the grass grown and listening to the bees buzz...Thanks, for a really neat video.

Ike said...

Nice! I didn't know you had ducks too! I have three Khaki Campbells, which I really really like... a drake and two ducks. They lay an egg each, every day - no exceptions. The chickens are much more flaky, in my opinion.