Friday, November 25, 2011

Stickin 'Mud' on a Shitty Wood Stove

I knew before i moved into the yurt that the woodstove was kinda moody.... it burned hot and fast - not the way you want it to burn for a long cold winter. Then when i was casually perusing the wood stove section of a Lehmans (non electric homesteading) Mag i saw this exact stove pictured....
Omgawd... the first words next to the glossy pic were "don't buy one of these cast iron stoves if you desire high quality." I laughed. and laughed. and then started to think of ways to work around it's poor quality...
While experimenting with pushing ash in the grill holes and also against the giant gap in the door, i felt like an uber genius when i thought of using a clay/ cob / -like substance to fill in the cracks and holes.
I could totally get toxic stuff to fill this in.... i could use glues and pastes and fire proof fiberglass ropes, but i hate chemicals. I hate ruining my home space with chemical stuff - because what i am looking for is to make things more comfortable, easier, healthy and pleasant.
!! Screw buying some creepy VOC goop..... cause for free i got some clay from a dug up pile of dirt on Dogget Mountain, and mixed it with rice flour. Anyone who eats gluten free knows rice flour turns to something awful and cement-ish when baked...
I mixed the clay, the rice flour and water in a bowl and started filling in the spots where air was leaking too much (causing the hot fast fires)......
and so far so good. There was some slight cracking in the clay, but i kept filling in the cracks as it shrunk and dried, making sure less air could get in the stove while the door is shut.

Now i have to do the smaller cracks.... like the cooktop and all around! and this doesn't solve the issue that the manufacturer didn't even bother to make the flue/damper fit correctly either! (lame and shame!) The only solution for that is to put a second one on there.
I am kinda glad about the cracks though, cause its fun to play with the clay... and i like experiments. :)))


Monday, November 21, 2011

Little Leaf Hopper (red and blue/grey)

Sooooo tiny. sooooo friendly..... so pretty!
I wish i could have gotten a better close up of its awesome face!...... but the red beedy eyes say it all. :))))

Everybody Wants Direct TV... EvEeeeryBoDy


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yurt - y - Purty

THE Yurt! not to be confused with similar words.... like YoGurt, or Burp, or Yack, or Turtle.
Because mostly when people hear i live in a yurt, they think i live in a yogurt container or a pile of exotic animal dung.
I wasn't sure how living in a yurt would really fair out.... ya know... with weather and it being a bit like a giant tent and all. This yurt has been up for some years now and it seems like brand new still - no damage, smells free of anything nasty, a real simple yet functional floor plan.
I like it. Its kinda awesome and i think people should know its a good option for housing, during economic strife (building a regular common house is WAY expensive and wasteful).
..... but i digress into my planet-y thoughts.....
let's just look at the yurt..... cause its so fuckin neato!
This one has the silver bubble wrap type insulation (stays SO warm with a woodstove, its freaky! its even sweaty!) in between layers of fabric walls (inside wall/outside wall).... the fabric of this yurt is made of synthetic weather proof stuff and it works really well. I have already sat in pouring rain, scary winds, etc.... and it weathered just fine with no leaks. The window can be zipped shut completely, or the clear part can be pealed off (Velcro) and leave a screen for fresh air.
There is a built in section with a small bathroom and kitchen, and loft on top that space to sleep (get there by ladder)...
PLUS a bubble sun & moon roof in the center!!! Talk about wacky, trippy, weird.....
you can watch the clouds go by, the rain hit, the storms blow in, the stars above, the moon move across the sky, the sun come up...... the bubble makes you connect to flow of nature outside while sleeping inside.
I really like it. Impressed, is what i am.
*** i will show more details later, when i make a video on a sunny day! ****
(this yurt is made by the Colorado Yurt Company)

Monday, November 14, 2011

MOvinG is Change, Change keeps MOvinG

I am just starting to adjust and settle down into having left the Luck Cabin.
I dream of it every night while i sleep, seeing the cabin from the outside, orbiting around its walls only in my deep subconscience mind - never really inside it. My conscience mind keeps in the present when it can - but moving has that.... ya know.... epic feeling of change. Major change that is not always easy to flow with even if ya love it, trust it and know you want it.

Its not just the cabin though. It is leaving an adventure that borderlined dangerous, an experiment i had no idea i was walking into. I thought I was going to a peaceful self sustaining place to live my life...... but what i experienced was more like an initiation into some kind of survival club i didnt even know i joined! A survival club that copied the patterns of The SHinING movie for a basic script during winter.
My last drive over Dogget mountain with my truck packed with the last of my belongings- i felt chills come over my body, i felt like that initiation was ended and made known to me all at once. I felt the mountain was smiling on me, saying i had done a good job with the shit it gave me, and now i could go back into the world slightly below.... i felt Dogget mountain was proud, and it was spitting me back out the bottom a different person..... shooting me down it's curvy snake slide like a bird pushing its babies out its nest to fly. Or maybe like a kid down a water park slide for the first time.

*Lesson I learned : Winter.... shouldnt do it alone at the top of a harsh snowy mountain.

(this radiohead song below is exactly what leaving the Luck Cabin felt like to me........)

And now....
A kind of outward breath, so different I am not really breathing out but sucking back in and accessing whats here. Am I safe now? yes. and so are the animals (as safe as farm animals can be!) We gotta make some temporary alterations to our old patterns.... until we find our permanent home....

I didn't move back into the city, or even close to that kind of life. It's still the forest, it's still rural as hell, still at the end of a road no one goes unless they live here - i still will be chopping and carrying in my logs to stay warm, cooking all my meals, hiking, exploring, discovering. It's just not on top Dogget mountain, and that says it all to anyone who's lived FULLY year round on top Dogget mountain..... and not many do.
With that emotional super emo crap being said.... :))))
here is what the future is more like while i look for my true home...............
(and i dont mean naked orgy... i mean FREEDOM)...
**********WARNING THIS VIDEO CONTAINS NUDITY!!!!!!!!*******************


Saturday, November 12, 2011

MOved to a Yurt (Mad World Dance)

I am at my temporary new place! I live in a yurt...(secret location)
I like it bunches, i get tons of sunshine, there lots of wildlife/animal excitement here, plenty hiking and exploring, the yurt is warm with a woodstove.... andddd
just enough space to dance around and release my demons (aka anxiety/stagnant emotions).


Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Beginning Of The End ::: The Move

Here I goooooo.............................

Winter came before fall could end.....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bye Bye Luck Cabin

I have been preparing to leave the Luck cabin.... not just for the winter, not for a vacation, not for a weekend.... forever.
It was not an easy decision after everything i put into it, but i guess i am living up to the Gypsy nickname my parents have given me. A slow nomad, going from forest to forest... and then...
pass it on.
Each one.
Passing it to the next runner. The family who is taking over the Luck Cabin could not have been anymore perfect... they have a great respect for the forest, as a whole, and as each organism that comes together to make it function, that makes it what nature intended it to be. They will cherish this micro climate, with all its rare plants, and invisible animals (who only leave evidence of their lives rather then show themselves)...
I will leave my goodbye at that. So much could be said, it could be its own novel - but i have cried enough tears saying my goodbyes, and now I look into a open future again.
Searching for another place, to call home.
A search that has already lead me to many secret & strange tucked away places -
and each one holds bit by bit a puzzle piece to the whole i want to take root.... a bigger picture, my own personal perfection. And i have made the lists ..... the lists, always come to fruition, for better or sometimes for worse. And that is why.... before making wishes, be sure you want to get what you want. I made two this week, with two pennies - and just went ahead and repeated the first wish twice. Insure my intention.

For now (while moving), i am going to roll with the adventure part. Maybe not even roll with it, but roll IN it, Eat it, breathe it, love it, let it scare me, let it soothe me, let it open itself up to me. Let it make me laugh, let the giggles come, the horror, the disappointment leading to more unknown. I will take it all, exhausted or smiling. Cause i can't stop watching.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Larry Hopsalot (grasshopper)

(As named on FaceCrack by my friend Shannon.)

It's a face that more then a mother will love.



Fuzzy Arm'ed Moth (Brown, Black and White)

Omgawd! wow. This tiny beautiful moth now rivals the great big Lunar moth in supreme awesomeness (in my mind)! This is the first time i have ever seen a moth with extended arms that look completely like a furry fuzzy beast fists.
The coloring is also very bold, and stunning - I am not sure how this works in nature as far as camo... it reminds me a hipster wedding cake.... so maybe it can hide at annoying, hip weddings? I would hide too.
Mr. Fuzz Arms did not blend in well with the colors of wood. But possibly it does with a tree that has alot of white fungus/mushrooms growing on it.

Does anyone know the name of this moth and what caterpillar it comes from?